The Crêpe Café online

The Crêpe Café is pleased to announce the launch of our new website located at, to accommodate our international presence and unique business offering for customers, employees and potential franchisees.


Our website has had a fresh makeover and is all about customer service. Featuring an interactive store locator, you can browse the globe and find a store near you; or check out other shops in exotic locations.


The revised website provides you with more information to make your dining experience even better. From the origins of our signature coffee to our brand’s history, with some fun food facts thrown in; you’ll have all the information you need to know you’re eating fresh, quality, made to order food.


Allow us to keep you informed on what’s new with our monthly picks and creative combinations, you might find your new favorite amongst our most popular dishes!


As you browse through The Crêpe Café, you’ll find links to BFC Retail Group, the founder of this unique concept. Go to their site for in depth brand analysis and business franchising opportunities.


While you’re there, take a sneak peak of their second chain, Flying Pan, as it prepares to launch into the Americas and Asia.


Enjoy The Crêpe Café online at, or find us on Facebook and Twitter. It’s our pleasure to welcome you into The Crêpe Café family and we look forward to dining with you soon.